5 Tips For A Cost-Effective Corporate Move

Moving your business to a new location can be great for your customers and staff, especially if your new location is in a nicer area, has better parking, or is in a larger building with more space to grow. Corporate moves can also be expensive though, often costing $50-250 or more per employee. In order to save money and prevent your move from eating away at too much of your profits, just follow these tips for a cost-effective corporate move:

Ask Your Movers for a Moving Estimate

Asking for a detailed moving estimate from a place like Wheaton World Wide Moving is key to being able to create an accurate moving budget. Your estimate should not only include an estimated cost for your move, but should be broken down in detail to include the estimated number of movers required, hours dedicated to the move, and services that will be included. You or your office manager should do a walk-through with the moving company representative to make sure they don't miss any important items or tasks when putting together your estimate.

Be sure to include the cost of setting up your office furniture and computers in your new space as well. It's also smart to ask for a range if possible, and then plan on your move being on the high end of the estimate. That way, if your move ends up being on the less expensive side of the spectrum, you will be pleasantly surprised, and if it's on the high end, you will still be within your expected budget.

Buy Moving Insurance

While it's an additional up-front expense, moving insurance will save you a great deal of money and hassle if anything is inadvertently damaged during your move. This is especially important during a corporate move, when expensive computers, printers, and other items are moved in larger quantities than during a household move. Hopefully you won't need to use your moving insurance, but it will give you and your staff peace of mind.

Plan Your Moving Date Carefully

When you move will have a huge impact on how much productivity and revenue are lost. Even if your movers charge a bit less for a mid-week move, it may make more financial sense to move on the weekend so you minimize your office's downtime. Moving on the Friday afternoon before a long weekend is sometimes a great idea, since it gives you time to make sure everything is unpacked and set up by the time your office re-opens on Tuesday morning.

Schedule your move and book your movers as early as possible to avoid paying additional fees for last minute moves, or learning that your preferred movers are booked on the day you hoped to move your office.

Declutter Before Your Move

The less stuff you have to move, the shorter your move, which means a less expensive bill from the movers as well as less downtime for your office. Decluttering before the move also makes it much easier to get your new office set up and organized. Spend some time with your staff going through the office and finding old unused items like empty bookcases and older computer models to donate, trash, or sell.

Pay a Cleaning Crew

Deposits for commercial rentals tend to be hefty, so it's a good idea to do everything you can to get back as much of your deposit as possible. Paying a professional cleaning company to deep clean your office, including steam cleaning any carpets, will pay off when you receive a much larger deposit back from your previous landlord. This will also save you and your staff time and productivity, since the cleaning can take place when you are setting up your new office for maximum efficiency.

By following these tips you will be able to have an efficient corporate move that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.