Three Extra Fees From Moving Companies You Should Know About

When you are preparing for a long move, the cost associated with a commercial moving services company is often the biggest expense you will be paying for. However, getting an estimate for the cost of the move is not always as simple as you might imagine. There are often extra fees involved from these companies. Knowing this ahead of time will prevent any surprises before you move. The following are three extra fees to be aware of.

Additional insurance coverage

Technically, this is not an extra fee because it is optional, but it may seem like an extra fee if you pay for it at the last minute. Although moving companies have a certain amount of insurance that is included in the price you pay for the move, it is a bare minimum and is usually calculated by the pound. If you have any possessions worth insuring, it is likely that the basic insurance will not be enough. You should inquire about the additional coverage that the moving company offers. This will be an extra cost in moving, but the protection of your household goods will be worth it.

Additional fees for long carrying

These fees are simple to understand. If a mover must load or unload your possessions across a large distance from the truck to your new home or from your old home, you will be charged more. It is a simple matter to inquire about the amount charged for these fees, but calculating them can be tricky. This is because it is not a simple calculation of distance from the truck. You must also determine where the truck can be parked. In a typical housing tract, this may not be an issue, but with apartments and condominium complexes, it can be an issue. Also, in certain cities, there may simply be parking issues on certain streets.

Additional fees to move certain items

When you first get an estimate of the moving cost, there will be obvious items that you will be charged an additional fee. One example is a piano. However, there may be items that a mover may miss when providing an estimate or perhaps you didn't think to mention. You should inquire about a list of items that will incur an extra fee, at least the most common items. By doing this, you will be able to make sure that there isn't a surprise when the movers show up only to explain that they need to take special precautions, or need to use special packing for an item they were not aware of.

Keep in mind that most extra fees are not hidden charges, but they are not always included in an estimate of our moving costs. Additional fees can also vary depending upon your circumstances.