How To Turn Your Self-Storage Unit Into Santa's Secret Workshop This Holiday Season

Whether you shop year-round for great deals on holiday gifts or you simply have too much seasonal stuff to keep in your home, a self-storage unit may be just the thing you need to get everything for your holiday festivities ready. Here are a few ways you can use your self storage space to your advantage and play the role of Santa to everyone in your family.

Gift Storage Center

To keep little ones from searching to find their presents, and to ensure you have enough room for everything before the holidays, consider using your self-storage unit to store the gifts you've purchased for your friends and family members. Consider using a bin system on a free-standing shelving system to organize gifts by person. Add large plastic bins to each each shelf, and tape a note card with a different family member's name on each bin. As you purchase gifts, you can sort them into the bins so you don't have to remember who you purchased each gift for. Keep a large shelf empty for big gifts that can't fit in the bins, and place a sticky note on these items to label them by recipient.

Crafting Workshop

If you like to create gifts for your loved ones, consider using your self-storage unit as a crafting workshop. For this option, you may want to consider renting a heated self-storage unit, as this can help to keep you warm and comfortable while you create darling gifts. Set up a table and a few table lamps to light your work area, and add a separate shelving system to the unit which can hold your crafting supplies, You can sort your supplies int wicker baskets or plastic bins to make it easy to find all of your materials. Dedicate one table or a few shelves to your finished crafts so the paint, glue, or varnish can dry on them before you wrap them.

Professional Gift Wrap Station

Instead of digging out boxes of wrapping paper for the holiday season from your basement or closet, consider keeping all of your wrapping paper and accessories in your storage unit. You can use tall boxes to sort your paper by holiday or occasion, and you can keep everything stored neatly away until the holiday season approaches. If you are using your storage unit to store gifts, creating a gift wrap station in the unit is a great option. It lets you package and wrap everything in one convenient location. Be sure to keep plenty of ribbon, bows, tape, and scissors in the unit ,as well as gift boxes. Consider investing in file storage boxes to arrange flat sheets of wrapping paper, and hang your rolls of wrapping paper on wire connected between your shelving units. If you need to mail presents, consider stocking up on mailing boxes and mailing labels as well.

With all of your seasonal items in your self-storage unit, you can create, sort, wrap and wrap gifts for the whole family. Keep your presents stored in the unit after they are wrapped until you are ready to put them under the tree.