Ways To Make Renting Storage Units For Your Stuff Cheaper

When you finally break down and realize that your stuff needs to go into a storage unit, you may be hesitant because of the cost. After all, renting a storage unit is another monthly expense you have to squeeze into your budget. Yet, you cannot breathe for all the stuff you have squeezed into your apartment or your house. So, here are some ideas on how to make this new monthly expense more affordable and stash your stuff elsewhere.

Rent the Smallest Unit

Instead of renting a big storage unit, why not rent a small unit? If you rent the smallest storage unit you can find, you can cut the expected rental cost way down. If you are concerned about what you can store, prioritize what matters to you most versus what you can do without. Store as much of the extraneous, "unimportant" stuff as you can in this little unit, and then leave the rest wherever you have it in your apartment or home.

Find a Rental Unit Buddy

Find a friend or relative who is also looking to store some stuff. Depending on how much stuff the two of you have to store together and what each of you can afford, you can select a mid-sized or larger unit. You both get a key to the lock and you both have access to your stuff. (For this reason, you should only share a storage unit and the monthly rent expense with someone you know well and trust.)

Agree on how long you both want and need the unit and then both of you sign the rental agreement and pay the landlord your share separately. If the landlord only wants a single payment from the two of you, decide who pays whom and then pay the landlord each month.

Ask about Special Pricing and Discounts

Some storage unit proprietors cut deals with their units. Some give discounts to military personnel and the elderly. Others will give you the first one or two months' rent free if you sign a year's lease. Moving companies may offer you a discount on storage units if you use their moving services. There are still more discounts on storage units if you know where to look and how to ask for them. As you continue your search for an affordable storage unit, be sure to ask the proprietors about any discounts they may currently offer.