3 Tips For Moving Your Piano

Out of all the items in a house that you need to get out the door during a move, the piano certainly has a bit of a stigma attached to it as being especially difficult to handle. While you can certainly hire some professional piano movers to help you with this situation, you may be able to tackle this project yourself with some careful planning. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when moving your piano.

Understand the Distribution

A leading reason that pianos are notoriously difficult to move is because some people go into the process not fully understanding how a piano is built. You might have moved something else that was top heavy in the past but a piano is a very special kind of top heavy. The piano's legs are usually extremely delicate and lightweight and then you have all of that weight on top of it. Keep in mind where the weight is at all times as you manuever the piano around corners or up and down stairs.

Get Some Help

Even if you are doing this without professional help, you are ideally going to want at least 4 people total when moving a piano, so it's time to call up some friends. Two people should be responsible for the actual lifting and the other two for handling any equipment you are using to help with the move and to act as spotters or emergency lifters if something goes wrong.

Have the Right Equipment

Speaking of equipment, you are going to want to get some strong furniture straps and a couple of dollies to help you maintain control of the piano during the move. Your piano might have its own wheels or casters but trying to move the piano on these is an extremely bad idea because of how lightweight and delicate that area of the piano is. In all likelihood trying to make use of the casters will lead to them breaking off and then the entire piano might fall in the wrong direction and get someone hurt.

If all of this sounds like too much work for you, remember that there's no shame in reaching out to some professional piano movers. But if you are going to go it alone, make sure you have at least three other people to help you, the right kind of equipment for the job and make sure all involved understand the logistics at play here. For more information or assistance, visit websites like http://www.extremepianomoving.com.