Important Reasons To Hire A Professional Relocation Company For Your Business

Are you getting ready to move your business to a new and larger location? Are you planning on just having your employees handle moving the various furniture and equipment that are necessary to keeping everything operating? While you can certainly have your employees handle the moving, that may not be the best idea. Instead, you should consider hiring professional movers to take care of everything. Some reasons why movers are better than your own employees includes:

Employee injuries: Your employees haven't been trained on how to properly move furniture and equipment. Should they happen to get a bruise, a sprain, or even a broken bone while handling the move, they would then be eligible for worker's compensation. While you might not have to pay for this directly, one or more claims could result in your worker's compensation insurance premiums going up. To prevent this from happening, hire a commercial relocation company to move the equipment. Should one of the movers happen to become injured during the process, they would be filing a claim against their worker's compensation insurance and not yours. This could result in a significant savings over time since you won't be paying higher insurance premiums.

Damaged equipment: Moving office equipment or equipment for other types of businesses is not like moving home furniture. Most pieces are larger, heavier, and are more difficult to maneuver. Although your employees might be as careful as they can, their lack of training when moving this type of furniture and equipment could result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. A commercial relocation company, on the other hand, trains their employees in how to handle commercial furniture and equipment. Instead of having to worry about what you'll have to have replaced at your new location, you'll be able to plan on reopening right away.

Saving time: Moving heavy objects can be time-consuming. If you don't know the most efficient way to pack and transport various items, the move could wind up taking much longer than you'd anticipated. Most people probably want to close on a Thursday or Friday and then be able to reopen at the new place by the following Monday or Tuesday. If you hire a commercial relocation company to move everything, your employees can be getting the new place ready as the equipment arrives. If you don't hire professional movers, they will have to try to figure out transportation and getting everything in place at the same time. Instead of opening up in just a few days, the entire process could actually take an entire week or more. And, obviously, the longer that you're closed, the more business that you'll be losing.