Just Now Taking Down Christmas Decorations? 2 Tip To Store Everything Properly

Many people wait until after the new year to take down Christmas decorations and some people even wait a few weeks. If you are one of these people, learning how to properly store all your decorations can make the process go much easier for you. Doing this will also help you when it comes time to take everything out of storage to decorate your home again.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments are generally fragile, and you may have some that are very special to you. Because of this, wrap each ornament in tissue paper and place it in a box. Have the box tightly packed to prevent the ornaments from moving around a lot. For extra special ornaments wrap them twice.

 Once finished, place a piece of bubble wrap over the top of the ornaments and then close the box with packing tape. Mark the side of the box as fragile and what is contained inside. 

You can also purchase storage boxes that have individual dividers to allow you to separate the ornaments much easier. If you cannot find these boxes, contact a moving and storage company in your area to see if they can sell you these boxes. You can then store the box in your attic, in a garage, in a storage unit, etc. 

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights get tangled very easily which can make it a nightmare to untangle them when it comes time to decorate your tree. To prevent this from happening, cut a piece of cardboard a few feet long. Wrap the lights onto the cardboard and secure the plug at the end of the light with tape. You can then place the wrapped cardboard into a box and take the box up for storage.

If you have a lot of lights and using individual pieces of cardboard, put packing tape between each piece of cardboard to prevent the lights from moving and knocking into each other. If you have extra individual lights put them into a plastic sealed bag and place in the box. Mark the box as Christmas lights and then store the box just about anywhere you like, such as a garage or storage unit. 

A moving and storage company can be beneficial for you as they will give you many tips on storing your Christmas decorations. The moving and storage company will also give you tips for storage units in your area if you plan to rent one to store your Christmas decorations and more items from your home. For more information on storage, contact a company such as Carolina Self Storage.