4 Moving Tips For People Who Have Been In Their Home For Decades

Some people move every couple of years. Other people rarely move. If you fall into the latter category and have been living in your home for decades, then having to move can be challenging — both emotionally and physically. You have a lot of things that have built up over the years, and you have a deep attachment to your long-time home. So what are some things you can do to ease this process?

1. Start going through things early.

Having to sort through and get rid of items can be a little traumatic, but it will be less so if you start early. As soon as you know you will be moving, dedicate yourself to getting rid of one box of extra items per week. You can donate these items, sell them, or throw them away, so long as they are out of the house! By the time you actually have to move, your collection of items will already be pared down.

2. Find another home you can be excited about.

You won't be as sad to leave if you are excited about your new life. Make sure the home you are moving to has some features that really make you feel excited. Then try to get to know the neighborhood so you have things to look forward to! Make a list of restaurants you can't wait to visit or nearby parks you can't wait to explore. 

3. Hire professional movers.

Hiring a professional moving team helps out in a few ways. First, it saves you the hassle of having to pack box after box of things. Second, it allows you more time to focus on the emotional aspects of moving. Third, it ensures your move is completed faster, so you don't have as much time to dwell on the painful aspects of your relocation.

4. Have a goodbye party.

There is something to be said for closure. Have a goodbye party in this current home that you love so much. Invite all of your friends and family, and as a part of the party, give a formal "thank you and goodbye" speech to the home. It may sound strange to thank a physical object, but doing so will help you to remain appreciative, not resentful, during this time of transition.

With the tips above, moving out of a home you've lived in for decades won't be as challenging. Contact a service, like Worth Moving, for more help.