Why Choose a Local Mover with a Full Service Option?

Do you need to hire local movers? If this is your first major move, take a look at what a full-service moving company is and how this option can help you.

What Can a Full-Service Mover Do?

A full-service contractor should provide exactly what the name implies—full service. This means the mover may perform the following:

  • Supply packing materials. Some full-service companies provide customers with everything they need to pack. These include boxes, bags, bubble wrap, tape, or moving quilts.
  • Disassemble furniture. Is your dining room table too large to move as-is? A full-service company may also offer disassembly. This added service isn't always available and may depend on the item and how difficult or complex it is to disassemble.
  • Pack your belongings. If the packing process is too time-consuming or you can't pack for yourself, full service moving companies offer this option. Expert packers will assess your items, decide the best way to box/bag them, and complete the job for you.
  • Move your belongings. After they neatly pack your belongings, the full-service contractor will carry each container or item onto the truck and transport it to your new home.
  • Unpack your items. After you arrive at your new home, the movers will bring the boxes, bins, bags, and furniture into your new home and unpack everything you need them to.

Some moving companies offer every service possible, while others provide a limited selection. Discuss the specific services your would-be contractor offers before you sign a contract or agree to an estimate.

Why Should You Hire a Full-Service Mover?

If you're not sure whether this type of moving option is right for you, consider the benefits of a full-service mover. These include:

  • More time for yourself. Whether you are busy at work, have children to care for, or need to focus on other aspects of the move, a full-service company will free your schedule.
  • Less work. It takes more than just time to pack—it takes effort. A professional packing and moving service is ideal if you have mobility issues, an injury, or another similar reason to not pack or transport items yourself.
  • Less stress. Are you anxious about your move? If the thought of packing boxes, organizing belongings, and transporting everything from one place to another gives you stress, let a full-service company do the work for you.

These services increase overall safety and may reduce the risk of damage before or during your move. Contact local movers to learn more.